Morris Stegosaurus (mstegosaurus) wrote,
Morris Stegosaurus

I met circafox and fritzywolf in 2005, shortly after they'd started dating, when we were all living in the Chicago area. By the time I moved to SLC in 2007, we'd become very close. In 2009, they ended up moving to Seattle within 2 months of me, and we renewed our friendship. Two weeks from today, they are getting married. fritzywolf asked me to be his best man. As may be obvious, I have a very hard time connecting with people, so this meant a lot to me.

Among other duties, he asked me to write a poem to read at their wedding. Without giving it much thought, I told him I'd be happy to try my hand at an epithalamium. Just now, I started taking a first crack at the piece. The working title is "Epithalamium for Circa and Fritz", but having not recently seen the word written out, I thought it would be wise to verify I was spelling it correctly. Turns out I was... but the definition was a bit more nuanced than I had been aware of. My impression was that an epithalamium was any poem written to be read at a wedding, but more precisely, it is actually "a poem written specifically for the bride on the way to her marital chamber".


That is not exactly what I had in mind.
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