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mstegosaurus Customer Review of Bic Disposable 'Child Guard' Lighter Classic Full Size - 4 count

I wrote the ending first, and now I'm concerned that it seems a little "tacked on". Customer Review of Bic Disposable 'Child Guard' Lighter Classic Full Size - 4 count


The first is for the flora,:florid and rapt,
green sparkle photosynthogenic wizards whose
curling tendrils insinuate paisley dreamscapes
and exploding diamond-eyed wonderwalls:

It always starts with flora:
Ska Maria Pastora, Dona Juanita,
Lakata of the Snakes,
Lupe Margarita-bones, and all her
scrowling fat baby-babes,

and we're off!
Lightning bolted tight into
vertical horizons
no saucer-eyed tuffboy dared fancy.


One is for the fauna, you crazy-faced animal-folk:
Huskies that rattle and crash, soggybutt mavens of grand catasstrophy;
foxes, both fennec and otherwise, rolly and tronic,
iconic destinizers who spec out 5D dance lessons from (no)God;
Lions and faguars, and 'ickle domestic tongue-lolling kitties,
all cuddle-fuzzy, whisker-grinning like cement-mixer-Mondays;
Bunnies and bunnies and so many bunnies, overflowing brethren and cistern
of bunnybunny bunnies bunnying all over the pavement
Zebral, febrile and spastic, drastic ecstatic madmen all.


One is for the long road ahead, the adventure,
and all the detritus we'll burn:

Such a burning!:

The cabins of disaster:
Let them burn!

The scaffolds of calumny:
Let them burn!
Let them burn!

The whaorehouses of longing,
The signposts of dissipation,
Let them burn!

Let the cruel clockwork foundries crumble,
let the erector set envy of suns
burnover the city of rust, and thunder it all away
and let us sleep content in the ash


One is for the darkness,

shadows of memory
menace and startle, grind me down
doubt and shame
and angry throbbing need
monstrousawful fierce jealous claws
tear away fragile composure,
sobbing and drooling

so, I hold on to just a



In the beginning there was darkness,
it all started,
not with a Big Bang,
with a Bic.
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